Frequently Asked Questions


Cool Vans! How much do they cost?!?

SInce every van is unique and custom to the owner, It depends on a large variety of designs and options. A build-out can start around 5k for a partial work and up to 50k+ for a full high end conversion complete with solar package, custom woodwork that is designed for full-time living. 

If you have any drawings (bed layout/ kitchen/ seating), specifications (solar/ plumbing) or inspirational builds from our website or others, we should better be able to provide a rough estimate. Fill out the contact form and we can begin the convansation!


Do you still do woodworking? Furniture? Built-ins? Cabinetry? 

Woodworking is the core passion of what we do. It is a blend of van build outs mixed in with furniture, built-ins and cabinetry. We are a small shop however and our schedule tends to fill up fast. If we are unable to meet your timeframe, we can provide you with  referrals to hopefully point you in a good direction. 


Do you sell vans? How does it work? 

We do not sell vans at this time, but are looking into this option in the future. Currently, the way it works is the owner purchases a van and we go over budget, design and agree upon a price and sign a contract. Once this is done, the van is delivered to our woodworking shop in Seattle by the owner. Clients come from all over the U.S. to work with us, so it does not have to a localized project. And when the van conversion is ready for pick up, the Pacific Northwest is the perfect place to begin your adventure!

If you are interested in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter in the Seattle area, Keith Donaldson knows the vanlife well and can help out with your initial size ideas and layout. 877-294-3070


How long do your conversions take? What is your current schedule? 

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and quality materials. Every new build is different from the last and presents new and exciting challenges. We do one build at a time and and are in constant communication with the owner going over details and updates of the build. Because of all these factors, production times vary but a full conversion generally comes in around 12-16 weeks.  We hold projects in queue with a $500 non-refundable design deposit that ensures a spot on our schedule. Currently, we are booked until approximately mid-Feburary. 


What is your current schedule? 

Initially, we go over your project and discuss all the different options, styles and finishes and I provide an estimate. If this works for your budget, we hold projects in queue with a 50% deposit that ensures a spot on our schedule. Currently, we are booked until approximately mid-February for new projects. Please be aware that we get a lot inquires and may not be able to update this date as timely as we would like. Please contact for an exact schedule. 






Who is Rydawell Woodoworks? 

Hi! My name is Ryan Wells and I am the owner, woodworker and janitor at Rydawell. What is a Rydawell? It my name: RYan DAvid WELLs. I work with every client on every project, from initial email, design, build, finishes and delivery. When you have any questions about your project at anytime, call, text or email and I am there. Thanks and I look forward to working with you!